Truck Accidents

Realizing the Full Value of Truck Accident Claims

Although personal injury claims of all kinds can benefit from the skills of attorneys experienced with complex civil trial practice, the special challenges of truck accident litigation place an extra premium on your lawyer's ability to deliver a highly polished performance over the opposition of outstanding defense counsel.

The trial lawyers of Callahan & Blaine have a 25-year record of achievement in complex litigation involving multimillion-dollar claims and defenses. Contact us in Santa Ana to learn how we can help you get the most out of a truck accident claim.

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There are many important differences between truck accidents and car accidents — the relative size of the vehicles, the severity of the injuries, the effect of federal regulations on liability issues, and many others. When you need to choose an attorney to protect your interests on truck accident injury claims, however, two factors in particular should guide your consideration.

First, the liability insurance carried by trucking companies and commercial vehicle operators starts at $1 million per event and is usually a lot more than that. Thus, Callahan & Blaine's extensive 25 year history as one of the most highly respected insurance law firms in the United States is absolutely critical in successfully resolving a catastrophic trucking accident litigation.

Callahan & Blaine is California's Premier Litigation Firm. Callahan & Blaine has had unparalleled success in obtaining record-breaking verdicts and settlements in diverse and wide-ranging areas of litigation. Callahan & Blaine is recognized nationally for winning the most complex and difficult cases, including the highest jury verdict in Orange County history, $934 million. This background and experience of taking on and defeating the most highly respected defense trial attorneys in the United States who defend multi-billion dollar corporations in trial is absolutely essential in maximizing the value of truck accident cases.

Typically, trucking companies and their insurers will hire highly skilled attorneys who are familiar with the demands of complex damages claims and work hard to settle $3 million cases for $300,000, which still looks like a lot of money to most people. They'll attack your evidence of future treatment needs through expert testimony, and comb your damages demand for overstated or under-documented components of your claim. It is important to have California's Premier Litigation Firm on your side, as we have an extensive track record of success in taking on and defeating the largest law firms and biggest companies.

At Callahan & Blaine, we know all about complex litigation with tough and experienced opponents. We once settled a semi tractor-trailer wreck case for $28 million on behalf of an Orange County client with permanent brain injuries. The skills our lawyers have developed in difficult multiparty commercial and corporate litigation are immediately transferable to the demands of complex truck accident cases.

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