Product Liability

Proving Your Right to Damages in Defective Product Cases

At Callahan & Blaine, our ability to investigate and litigate product liability claims helps personal injury clients in two kinds of accident scenarios — when the victim knows that a malfunction or defect of a particular manufactured product caused the injury, and, perhaps more commonly, when a product's failure under stress caused or aggravated injuries caused by one or more other negligent parties.

A good example is the role of airbag failure in a car accident. Once you show the negligence of the other driver, and assuming no negligence on your own part, you're theoretically entitled to recover the full amount of your damages from the negligent driver. As a practical matter, however, it's extremely unlikely that the other driver carried enough insurance to cover the losses in a severe or fatal injury accident.

Our Product Liability Experience Helps Us Protect the Value of Negligence Claims

If your lawyer can explore and develop a product liability claim against a negligent manufacturer, distributor or installer, you'll have a much stronger potential for recovering the compensation you need to support a long period of recovery or a permanent disability.

Callahan & Blaine's experience and record of success in complex civil litigation means that we have both the skills and the resources necessary to develop product liability claims related to motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries or product-related accidents in private homes or yards.

Product liability cases require some of the most aggressive and creative advocacy on the part of plaintiff counsel. Our law firm has had unparalleled success in obtaining record-breaking verdicts and settlements in diverse and wide-ranging areas of litigation, including defective product cases. Callahan & Blaine is recognized nationally for winning the most complex and difficult cases, including the highest jury verdict in Orange County history, $934 Million. Callahan & Blaine can apply this experience in high stakes litigation to your defective product case.

Whether your case involves industrial machinery, construction equipment, automotive components or consumer appliances, our attorneys can review your situation and advise you accordingly. If it appears that we can establish the liability of a manufacturer for defects or failure to warn, you can depend on Callahan & Blaine for unrelenting advocacy through every stage of the case.

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