Premises Liability

Proving Negligence in California Premises Liability Litigation

At Callahan & Blaine, our experience with premises liability claims isn't as likely to reflect a slip and fall injury on a wet floor as it is to involve structural defects in buildings, swimming pool accidents or injuries at dangerous work sites. Principles of premises liability law might also play a role in our work with motor vehicle accidents or pedestrian injuries.

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Premises liability is the legal term for the responsibility of property owners to maintain property in a reasonably safe condition. Litigation over accidents involving falling objects, falls from heights, or construction zone injuries usually involve conflicts between the owner's safety responsibilities and the injured party's responsibility to watch where they're going.

Our experience with complex litigation allows us to plan and execute sophisticated investigation strategies to explore what might appear to be simple issues of fact. Was the owner aware of a potential hazard on the property? Would a reasonably cautious person have fallen down the stairwell? Should a toddler or child be held to the same standards of reasonable care as an adult?

An important factor in premises liability litigation is the availability of insurance coverage to meet the injured party's damages demand. Our experience with the resolution of insurance coverage disputes, together with our ability to get the maximum mileage out of the different policies available, helps to increase the likelihood that you'll be able to collect the damages that we'll be able to prove on your behalf.

The losses suffered in premises liability cases can go far beyond the broken bones and soft tissue injuries characteristic of slip and fall claims. Negligence in the supervision or maintenance of a swimming pool, for example, can lead to horrific injuries to the brain or spinal cord in diving accidents, or death by drowning for small children.

Callahan & Blaine's rigorous and distinctive approach to the proof of liability and damages in personal injury litigation can make a significant difference to the outcome of your case. If you need legal advice about your options in Orange County or elsewhere in Southern California, contact our office in Santa Ana for an initial consultation.