Motorcycle Accidents

Proving Liability and Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Anyone badly hurt in a motorcycle accident can face serious obstacles in recovering the negligence damages necessary to support a long period of convalescence or a permanent disability. The trial attorneys of Callahan & Blaine can evaluate your case, investigate the facts, and help find ways to maximize the value of your damages claim. For an initial consultation about your legal options, contact our office in Santa Ana.

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Our lawyers work closely with personal injury clients in Orange County and Southern California to resolve the problems that can complicate your case: defense allegations that the victim's negligence caused the accident, jury bias against motorcycle riders, or injury claims that far exceed the policy limits under either driver's coverage.

At Callahan & Blaine, we apply the skills developed over 25 years of complex civil litigation experience to help accident victims realize the full value of their legal rights in negligence cases. In a recent 5-year period, we obtained over more than $1.2 billion in jury verdicts and settlements, with numerous personal injury settlements in eight figures.

We encourage prospective clients to consider the litigation skills that a lawyer can bring to bear on their behalf in protecting the value of their claims. At Callahan & Blaine, we point to the following aspects of our practice:

  • Prompt and aggressive investigation of the facts of each case
  • Accurate assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and value of each client's claim
  • Ability to develop medical or technical evidence through consulting experts at our own financial risk
  • Sophisticated pretrial discovery and motions strategies that reflect our commercial litigation experience
  • Highly experienced and respected trial lawyers who demonstrate the most sophisticated and aggressive trial skills and verdicts
  • Assurance that every aspect of your case will be handled by an experienced and accomplished litigation attorney — there are no junior associates at Callahan & Blaine
  • Outstanding legal writing skills that make the salient details of your case stand out
  • Advanced understanding of insurance law and claims settlement practices
  • Resourceful approach to finding all sources of insurance coverage that can apply to your claim

Learn more about our approach to client service in motorcycle accident cases, and the difference our complex litigation experience can make in the outcome of your case. Contact Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana for an initial consultation.