Claims Against Public Entities

Investigating the Role of Road Defects in Accident Cases

Especially in motor vehicle accident cases that result in disabling or fatal injuries to the victim, there's a real possibility that a negligent driver's insurance coverage will fall far short of what it takes to approach fair compensation for the losses. At Callahan & Blaine, a hallmark of our personal injury practice is our ability to find compensation from less-than-obvious sources, such as a county or municipality for defects in road design, bridge maintenance or traffic engineering.

Protecting the Interests of Personal Injury Clients in Orange County and L.A.

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Our attorneys recovered the largest reported personal injury settlement in United States history when we convinced a city's insurers of our ability to prove negligence in road design and maintenance. When a driver hit and disabled two joggers in the bicycle lane of the Pacific Coast Highway, the city's failure to correctly mark the bicycle lane led to a settlement of $50 million.

With experience in complex commercial and corporate litigation, our lawyers can meet the demands of detailed documentary investigation and discovery necessary to establish the liability of a public entity for negligent maintenance of public property, including freeways, highways and roads. We work with experts from many technical disciplines to consider the liability of a county engineering department, school district or state university in cases ranging from auto or motorcycle accidents to premises liability claims.

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Callahan & Blaine's will to win for its clients means that no avenue of compensation is left unexplored, even if it means suing a public defendant for its role in the creation of a dangerous condition, whether it's overgrown foliage forming a visual traffic obstruction or an improperly posted construction zone. For more information about our ability to expand your options for full compensation in a serious personal injury or wrongful death case in Southern California, contact us in Santa Ana.