Brain Injury

Protecting Client Interests in Brain Injury Litigation

Accident cases involving brain injuries can present difficult challenges for a trial attorney. It's not always easy to obtain a timely or accurate diagnosis of the injury or its severity, a clear idea of how it occurred, or a definite prognosis for the patient's recovery. In the less severe range of mild traumatic brain injury, the patient's symptoms might be overlooked in emergency treatment or might not appear at all until weeks or months after the accident.

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When we pursue personal injury claims that involve brain trauma, we assemble a team of experts from across a range of disciplines whose analysis and testimony will be essential to the development and proof of your damages. We work with the best experts in California, and we'll select them carefully based on the specific demands of a given case; for example, we might consult with different neurologists for cases involving injury to the frontal lobe, parietal lobe or temporal lobe.

We also work closely with the victim and the family to develop a clear sense of the relatively mild brain injury symptoms that can be hard to diagnose and treat but can nonetheless cause serious problems across the range of family and professional life. In many cases, the victim is the last person to notice chronic problems with memory loss, personality change or other brain injury symptoms.

Callahan & Blaine represents brain injury clients who were hurt in accidents of all kinds:

Our objective in brain injury litigation is to make sure that our client receives the greatest amount of compensation legally available to cover the entire range of past losses, current damages and future needs related to the accident.

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