Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Record-Setting Client Service in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Callahan & Blaine recently settled a personal injury case on behalf of two Orange County women who were struck and disabled while jogging in a bicycle lane on the Pacific Coast Highway. Concluded the day trial was to begin, the settlement was the largest personal injury settlement in United States history — $50 million.

Callahan & Blaine has had unparalleled success in obtaining record-breaking verdicts and settlements in diverse and wide-ranging areas of litigation. Callahan & Blaine is recognized nationally for winning the most complex and difficult cases, including the highest jury verdict in Orange County history, $934 million.

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Our record-setting settlement illustrates several aspects of the way we approach personal injury claims. To learn how we can apply the same techniques to the resolution of a bicycle or pedestrian injury claim in your family, contact our office in Santa Ana for an initial consultation.

When an automobile hits a bike rider or pedestrian, especially at cruising speeds, there's a high likelihood of death or severe and permanent brain or spinal cord injury, as our two clients on the PCH experienced. There's also a high likelihood that the negligent driver's liability insurance limits won't come anywhere near what it takes to cover the full range of the victim's losses.

Our record settlement wasn't with the negligent driver, but with the insurers of a municipality that had failed to properly post and mark the bike lane, despite its own transportation plan and consultants' recommendations. We applied our ability to look past the obvious defendant to consider the liability of any other party whose negligence might have played a role in the accident — in this case, a city that didn't take the necessary steps to protect recreational users of a bicycle lane.

Our ability to establish the city's liability in a personal injury case reflects our decades of experience with the investigation, discovery and proof of fault through documentary evidence. Our lawyers have developed this skill through years of complex civil litigation in commercial and corporate disputes.

Close Attention to Detail Helps Us Prove Complex Damages Claims

Just as significantly, our ability to settle the case for $50 million reflects our attorneys' careful attention to detail with the investigation, evaluation and documentation of the damages side of the case. Our clients didn't recover a huge sum because that's how much that was lying around — that's the value we were able to establish as fair compensation for past, current and future losses and expenses ranging from adaptive technology to pain and suffering. The settlement amount also approached the upper limit of the city's insurance coverage.

The attorneys of Callahan & Blaine represent personal injury and wrongful death clients throughout Southern California. For an initial consultation about the ways we can approach your bike or pedestrian accident, contact us in Santa Ana.