Personal Injury Overview

Advanced Trial Skills in Personal Injury Cases

Callahan & Blaine was established in 1984 as a law firm focused on the resolution of complex disputes through superior litigation skills: pleading, discovery, depositions, law and motion, negotiation and trial advocacy. First applied primarily to complex business litigation cases, for the last 15 years our attorneys have applied our exceptional trial and litigation skills on behalf of clients in Orange County, California and the United States in the areas of catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We are California's Premier Personal Injury Litigation Firm.

One of our recent settlements — a $50 million settlement in a complex municipal liability case — set the record as the largest reported personal injury recovery in United States history. Our 28 highly experienced trial and litigation attorneys and our extensive experience with the litigation and trial of complex business matters provide Callahan & Blaine a huge advantage in personal injury cases. Callahan & Blaine is recognized nationally for winning the most complex and difficult cases, including the highest jury verdict in Orange County history, $934 million. Contact us in Santa Ana to learn how this experience can help you.

We represent injured clients and their families on a wide range of personal injury and negligence problems:

Our Clients Benefit From Our Understanding of Insurance Law

Our experience with insurance law represents an important strength of our practice that especially benefits personal injury clients. In the most serious accident cases, it's not enough to prove the negligence of the defendant and the amount of your losses.

You also need to find a way to collect the damages you've proved. We work tirelessly to identify the sources of insurance coverage that can apply to your case, and to make sure that all available policies work together to maximize your overall compensation.

For more information about the distinctive skills that Callahan & Blaine can bring to bear on behalf of personal injury clients, discuss your case with one of our experienced trial lawyers. Contact us in Santa Ana for an initial consultation.